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新しい時代を予感させる App.

今、まさに”動いている心臓”を色んな角度から眺める事ができ、自分の学習は元より、患者さんへの説明、研修医&学生教育、など幅広く役立つものと思います。また、循環器系疾病治療チームでチームでのプレゼンなど情報共有にも利用できる優れた Appと思います。現在(2012.4)は英語版のみのため、追加movieの所在が分かりにくいですが、これもぜひ手に入れられる事を勧めます。(一人の麻酔科専門医より)



Worth $5.00

I assumed this app would have as many structures identified as an average anatomy atlas. It does not.

Worthless for clinical use

I bought this app hoping it would prove useful for patient education. Its essentially as useless as a wall chart for explaining complex procedures. Save your money


Its not quite what I wanted, nor worth the money especially since you have to pay an extra 10$ to get more animations. I think the disease state videos are too simple to really gain an understanding of whats going on. It would be a great tool to explain the disease states to patients, but as a medical professional in training its not nearly enough detail. I wish that you could play videos in slow motion so that you could coordinate the abnormal heart rythems to the EKG. With that said, it would be extremely helpful for leaning anatomy.

Does not work on track pad...

Don't buy if you have a track pad. I should had bought it for my iPad.

Great program. Recommend to teachers and students.

Overall this application is great. It showed more than I expected. PROS: -Extensive labeling of individual parts -Easy to use layout (including quiz section) -Helpful animations (angiogram + ballon angioplasty was especially great) -Great as a teaching tool CONS: -While I know the company needs to make money, I would hope for a couple more animations. Possibly some with heart murmur sounds. -Needs more freedom to explore. More of a 3d render that allows rotation and zoom for more than just the outside of the heart. -I would also like to see the pulmonary semilunar valve in the cross section. Overall, it is a great tool to use in studying the heart. With that I agree that it would do very well for patient education as well.


This is an AWESOME APP!! I'm going to get all of them! The animation and the grapic work takes all the guessing out of the organ your studying! You have to TRY hard NOT to learn with this APP!

Clear and Clean App!

I found the app easy to navigate and the clean graphics easily understood. My main purpose was to see how it might compare to other animal hearts for teaching veterinary medicine to animal technicians. The animations translate close enough to imagine similar medical situations in several other species. I think my students gained a better understanding of the heart and its' functions on a basic level.

Not for trackpad!

Not designed for the new track pad. Would have been nice to know before I spent $20.00! I am sure if i owned a mouse the app would work fine. For now it is useless to me.

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